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The On-Chip Communication Network (OCCN) proposes an efficient, open-source research and development framework for the specification, modeling and simulation of on-chip communication architectures. OCCN increases the productivity of developing new models for on-chip communication architectures through the definition of a universal Application Programming Interface (API) and an object-oriented C++ library built on top of SystemC. Moreover, OCCN enables reuse of executable models across a variety of SystemC-based environments and simulation platforms, and addresses various design exploration, model portability, simulation platform independence, interoperability, and high-level performance modeling issues. OCCN focuses on modeling of complex network on-chip communication by providing a flexible, open-source, object-oriented C++-based framework consisting of an open-source, GNU GPL-licensed library, built on top of SystemC.

This environment provides several important on-chip network modeling features.
Object-oriented design concepts, fully exploiting advantages of this software development paradigm.
Efficient system-level modeling at various levels of abstraction. For example, OCCN allows modeling of reconfigurable communication systems, e.g. based on reconfigurable FPGA. In these models, both the channel structure and binding change during runtime.
Optimized design based on system modularity, refinement of communication protocols, and IP reuse principles. Notice that even if we completely change the internal data representation and implementation semantics of a particular system module (or communication channel), while keeping a similar external interface, users can continue to use the module in the same way.
Reduced development time and improved simulation speed through powerful C++ classes.
System-level debugging using a seamless approach, i.e. the core debugger is able to send detailed requests to the model, e.g. dump memory, or insert breakpoint.
Plug-and-play integration and exchange of models with system-level tools supporting SystemC, such as System Studio(Synopsys), NC-Sim (Cadence), and Coware, making SystemC model reuse a reality.
Efficient simulation using direct linking with standard, nonproprietary SystemC versions.
Early design exploration for On-Chip Communication Architecture (OCCA) models, including high-level system performance and power modeling.


OCCN has been developed on Sun, but it works just as well on most Unix/Linux systems.


OCCN is developed under the GNU General Public License.

OCCN questions

These homepages provide links to the OCCN library, examples, and to various documents, including installation instructions, user manual, runtime issues, open questions, and links to related projects for the benefit of OCCN developers and users.

For comments, questions, or suggestions related to the contents of the OCCN homepages, please contact: Miltos Grammatikakis Last update: 20 May, 2011

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