OCCN Download Information

The OCCN software package (version 3.0 beta which works with gcc4.1.2 and systemc-2.2.0) is now available from this webpage. OCCN is open-source (license GNU GPL), free to download and use, and consists of two separate parts.
   The OCCN library complete with installation instructions. The SystemC-based OCCN library (beta version) supports clock-accurate transaction-level system-level modeling of both asynchronous and synchrouns channels, including routers, shared bus models and network-on-chip. The library consists of built-in methodology, together with NoC models (with network-interface and router), bus models (StdChannel and StdBus), high-level performance analysis functions, and a set of regression tests. Bus and NoC models define simple pdu structures and network interface/router models based on our channel design methodology, see http://occn.sourceforge.net for the "OCCN channels for intermodule communication" paper.
   OCCN examples, currently consisting of the producer/consumer and the transport layer transmitter/receiver examples outlined in the OCCN user manual.

We are hoping that other collaborators will contribute to OCCN by providing working transaction-level NoC models to help validate and extend this approach.

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